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You have to take the stairs

An Inspirational Quote for work (whatever that may look like)

An Inspirational Quote for work

Life isn’t about taking the elevator or finding the easy way out. It’s about finding a way to enjoy the journey, learn from your path and somehow someway, keep moving forward. Success comes from hard work, failure, and the universe colliding.

Inspiration from within

Recently, I decided to follow a dream of mine. A dream that I’ve had since, well for as long as I can remember. Truth is, sometimes I feel unsure of how I might be successful in this field. See I dream big. REALLY BIG. I have to admit that when I look around at this technical world and see my colleagues doing what I want to do on a bigger scale, it can sometimes make me feel unsure about my path.

I truly believe that success comes from hard work, failure, and the universe colliding and that that little voice within me, that voice that keeps my engine going, keeps popping up. I try and remind myself that there is no easy path and there are no shortcuts. I truly believe that no matter what it appears on the outside, everyone has their own struggles; their own ups and downs; their own doubts and no one is taking the elevator through life. For me, I have always had this personal struggle and this motivation. The stairs are tough, but you have to keep going.

As I launch my new business, the business I have always dreamed of, the one that I continue to fight for- I know this path won’t be easy. I know I’ve got to take each and every stair and I know that when I fail, I will just have to get right back up. It all adds up. Just keep going.

For all of us taking the stairs, please remember each stair is a stepping stone to your future and to your success. This can be applied to all areas of our lives! There are no skipping steps; you will get there as long as you keep going. Sometimes that is the hardest thing to remember, but if we keep in mind that whatever path you’re on, is part of the process, we can look around and enjoy the journey and find new things to learn. Everyone is on their own path, we all have our own time table and our own struggles. Your path is yours for a reason. Embrace it. Love it. Leap into it and of course learn from it!

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