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Hey! I'm Kaley

I’m a Literacy specialist, Kindergarten teacher and a momma to 4 young kids. I’m also an extremely awkward dancer but that’s never stopped me before 😉 

I help parents improve their child’s reading + thrive academically with simple, easy activities that do NOT take a long time to do! 

Reading is the single most important academic skill that we can give to our kids. As parents it’s hard to know: Is my child falling behind? Is my child doing well in reading? Is there anything I should do (as their parent) to help them? How do I make reading FUN rather than a chore? I get it, I really do. All 4 of my kids are different (along with the hundreds of students that I have taught). That’s why I’m here and this is why I am running this FREE workshop! Make sure to sign up below so I can answer all your questions! 

Busy Parents can help their kids read in only 10 minutes a day!

Reading is the single most important academic skill that you can give your kids. In less than 10 minutes a day set your child’s literacy skills in the right direction. You will learn a few easy strategies to help your kids read while LOVING it! 

3 EASY Phonics strategies

Have you heard of the terms “phonics” and “Phonological Awareness”? These are the ways that we connect sounds, to letters and to words. In this workshop, I will show you 3 EASY, hands-on activities that will help improve your child’s reading! I will also explain the importance of these strategies and how to integrate them into everyday life! 

Is my child falling behind?

I get this question all the time. I’m going to give you concrete advice, answer your questions, help you fill in the gaps and enrich your child’s literacy skills! When “should” kids start reading? How do I enrich my kids reading? 

Do any of these apply to you?

What are you waiting for already?! It's FREE and it's going to help your kids!

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