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Valentines Day Activities- Letter Sounds

I love Valentine’s Day, or more like Valentine’s month, because it is centered around love! So of course, I love going crazy with tons of Valentine’s day activities for my kindergarten students. The best kindergarten activities are ones that focus on being kind to each other and, of course, use Valentines day to promote letter recognition, like with themed alphabet games for kindergarten. Students always need more practice with letter recognition, so why not use our sight word books and create themed kindergarten learning games and themed alphabet games for kindergarten. I created a fun bundle for Valentine’s Day Activities letter sounds. Through these printable alphabet letters and letter sound recognition games, students are bound to gain a stronger foundation and knowledge that can be used with their sight word books and support their growing phonemic awareness.

Why is letter recognition important?

Letter recognition is a foundational piece for readers to identify words within printed text and begin the process, through phonemic awareness, to associate that text with spoken words. 

Letter identification as a skill is relatively straight-forward but the ease with which you can devise different exercises and/or games provide us our first and best opportunity to truly bring out the fun and love of learning with your students/kids. So let’s use Valentine’s day to get the kids to fall in love with learning!

The Valentine’s Day Matching Letter Games Activity

More on checklists here!

I’ve provided checklists for each section. I believe that checklists are very important for Kindergarten learning (and older grades) because it allows students to develop accountability and the ability to complete tasks on their own.

How this bundle is divided:

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The valentines day activities letter sounds is divided into three sections:

  1. Matching uppercase letters
  2. Matching lowercase letters
  3. Matching upper and lowercase letters

Step 1:

Print, cut and laminate all the hearts and letters within the corresponding kindergarten game. Leave the activity pages at the end for photocopying. I like to start by cutting out the uppercase letters.

Step 2:

Cut out the lowercase letters. Make sure to laminate the printable alphabet letters for longer use.

Step 3: Play the Valentine’s Activities letter sounds

The alphabet games for kindergarten are best played sequentially, as I like to have students master the skills before moving onto the next activity. Here I started with matching uppercase letters.

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Next I set up the cardboard letters for matching lowercase letters.

Last I set up the Valentine’s Day matching letter sounds for matching upper and lowercase letters.

After students have completed these, I make sure to provide more kindergarten activities like printable alphabet letters games! My students loveeeed these!!

I am a big believer in always trying to make learning fun, new, and interesting. When we provide kids with a love for learning, I truly believe they can do anything!

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