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Valentines day activities for kids

Valentine’s day is always such a fun day for kids! Both as a teacher and a mom I am always on the lookout for cute and fun valentines day activities for kids. As a teacher, I’m looking for activities that are engaging but still sneak in some literacy skills. As a mom, I’m just trying to create some memories, distract (I mean engage) the kids and if there’s some learning involved – fine 😉 There are tons of great valentines crafts, valentines day games, and of course valentines day writing prompts for kids out there. I honestly love looking on social media for valentines day activities, as there are just so many creative and artistic people out there doing amazing things. I am always so inspired by the work out there in the educational community. We’re stronger together, right! So here’s a new take on an oldy but a goody.

Valentines day activities for kids are always so much fun to plan! There are so many valentines crafts, valentines ideas and valentines day activities to celebrate this fun day! This resource cannot be left off your valentines day party ideas.
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Valentines day games:

Whenever I’m planning a new unit, I always look for classroom games for kids that are engaging and meaningful. This year, I decided to recreate BINGO and put unicorns on it. I mean, who doesn’t love unicorns and I thought it was a fun rendition to BINGO. If you’ve never played Bingo before, I’ll go through how to play the bingo games for kids.

1 .Print, laminate each Unicorn (bingo) board. Cut out each of the bingo valentines cards for kids and make sure to also laminate them so you don’t have to worry as much when your students are playing!

Valentines day activities for kids is always so much fun! This is a great came to incorporate into your valentines day activities, valentines day crafts, and valentines day party ideas
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2. Next it’s time to play this bingo game for kids! Each child gets a board and there’s usually one person who’s the “caller”.

3. The caller has all the cards and the players are trying to fill up their individual Bingo board first! There are many ways that one can win this game, but it’s up to the teacher, to decide which way they would like the kids to play. Below are some examples of how. For example, one way is for students to get 1 row first.

valentines day activities for kids are so much fun when planning lots of valentines crafts and valentines day party ideas.

Anther way is to fill out the entire board. I love having kids fill out the whole board- whoever gets there first, wins the valentines day games.

valentines games for kids are always a fun way to celebrate valentines day activities!

Valentine’s day writing prompts:

I love creating exciting, new and meaningful writing activities. I created a unit on creating an environment where kindness and random acts of kindness are our main goals. I am a big believer that when we are kind to one another and spread love, we will be a kinder, happier place. Click here to read more about the Valentines day writing prompts for kids.

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Kindergarten Valentines Matching letter games:

Students always need more practice with letter recognition and letter sounds. Letter recognition is a foundational piece for readers to identify words within printed text and begin the process, through phonemic awareness. this helps them associate that text with spoken words. As a part of your Valentines day activities, make sure to add this resource that focuses on letter sound recognition games. Click here to read more on why letter identification helps with student’s sight work books and helps grow phonemic awareness.  

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