Literacy programs that inspire your kids


Tutoring Locations:

My house:

I love tutoring in my house! (I live at Bathurst/Lawrence in Toronto)

I have set up a classroom in my house with tons of manipulatives including magnetic letters, chart paper, clip board, literacy games, fine & gross motor games, and a full word wall to reinforce early literacy strategies.

It’s a quiet environment with TONS for kids to do. It also helps me differentiate my approach and cater to each child’s needs.For example, there are some days that students may need a little more tactile engagement, and I’ve got everything at my fingers to provide them with this.

In-School tutoring:

I also go onsite to assess and tutor children in their school. Schools are more than willing to provide a quiet space for the hour that I’m there. I might tutor during a spare period or during lunch.

I also act as a liaison between the student and teacher. I may help the student inside the classroom with organization, assisting in projects, and developing a routine that encourages more confidence and independence.

I love developing programs and strategies that students can use within their classroom. For example, if a student is having difficulty following the routine and/or is unable to properly manage his/her time, I make personal schedules that fit with the student’s and teacher’s needs.

Behavior & Independent Education Plan’s:

I LOVE providing strategies for students to help with organization, time management, self-regulation skills, and much more. I have a large range of experience in this field.

One strategy that I find is very helpful to students is having a personal schedule, including picture cues or a checklist. Making individual schedules (that students can manage themselves) can be a huge steppingstone to improving behavior.

I also work with teachers on the development of an Independent Education Plan (strategies for inside the classroom and outside) as well as behavior plans.


$65 – 45 minutes (only available for an in-home visit)

$80- 60 minutes

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