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The Work, Life, Family Balance

Being a mom & parent is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. I truly count my blessings from the second I wake up to the second I go to sleep.


There is something along the way that happens though when you become a mom. Often, we develop this mom guilt: Are we doing enough? Spending enough time with them? Are they happy? What can we do to make them happier? The list is truly endless.What happens to our work, life, family, balance?


As the list grows, sometimes we forget more and more about OURSELVES. We need to remember that WE matter too. Our hopes, dreams, likes and our passions truly matter. IT MATTERS that the gym is a form of therapy. IT ALSO MATTERS that I NEED to go out with my friends and husband sometimes. Itโ€™s OKAY leave them fora little and take time for yourself. Actually, itโ€™s VERY important.


I am currently almost 7 months pregnant with my fourth. My kids are still little(ages 6, 4, 2) and life is BUSY. I am also extremely passionate about my job.Teaching is what fuels me. It inspires and motivates me every time I walk into a classroom; every time I work with a student; and every time I create a new resource.


Finding the work, life, family balance is hard, but we NEED to remember that we matter too. We matter just as much as our kidsโ€™ happiness. So please, take that hour to yourself at the gym. Go out with your friends. Have FUN in your classroom and enjoy your kids too. And the best part is, that it will make you a better parent too!

What do you do that INSPIRES YOU? That makes YOUR work, life, family balance work!

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