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Snowflake matching Game- Free!

Winter is definitely here with tons of beautiful snowflakes covering our trees, roads and houses. I created this Free Snowflake Matching Game that is geared towards kids ages 2-7. I love using this Snowflake Matching Game with other snowflake activities such as making paper snowflakes, snowflake patterns, and paper snowflake pattern activities. This free snowflake matching game case be used in many ways:

  1. Snowflake Matching Game for Uppercase letters (Match uppercase letters)
  2. Snowflake Matching Game for Lowercase letters (Match lowercase letters)
  3. Snowflake letters in alphabetical order (Put the snowflake letters into alphabetical order)
  4. Match Uppercase and lowercase Snowflakes (Love this one! Students match upper and lowercase letters)

Snowflake Matching Game for Uppercase Letters

First print, cut and laminate the snowflake matching game (x2). Next, sort the snowflakes into uppercase and lowercase letters. Then ask your students to put the uppercase snowflakes into Alphabetical order. I suggest having a print out of the alphabet beside students while they work so that they can refer to it as they go.

Snowflake Matching Game for Lowercase Letters

After completing the Snowflake Upper Case letters, you can move onto the Lower-Case letters. I would suggest following the same pattern as you did with the Snowflake Upper Case letters!

TIP: I love setting up the snowflake matching game in rows so that students can see the letters more clearly (rather than having them in a pile).

Snowflake Games: Put me in Alphabetical Order!

I love finding ways to challenge my students & my kids. Putting letters into alphabetical order is a very important step to developing strong literacy and phonemic awareness skills. Since there is both an Upper and Lower-Case set of this snowflake matching game, have students put them into order with BOTH the uppercase and lowercase letters.When we put letters into order it teaches kids the proper sequencing related to reading. For example, when we read English, we read from left to right. When kids put the alphabet snowflakes into order, students are learning how to properly organize and sequence the alphabet similar to early literacy skills (left to right).

Matching Uppercase and Lowercase Snowflakes

Last but not least, have students match upper and lowercase letters! This is a great skill to master when developing strong literacy skills. So often, kids learn upper case before lower case (normal) and when they start to read early, patterned texts, they mix up the letters because they’re in lower case! Making the Snowflake Matching Game to match both upper and lowercase letters, it allows students to make necessary connections to both.

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