Literacy programs that inspire your kids

Small group instruction

I love running small group lessons! Each lesson is packed with TONS of learning including: 

  • Play & Centre based learning (8-12 centre running catered to your child’s learning)
  • Differentiated Instructions: I made sure to individualize each activity to each student’s needs. Every activity is catered to your child’s needs and each individual book is chosen based on your child’s strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Shared, guided, and Independent reading: We usually read a book together (shared reading) and work on strategies like, Text-to-self connections, text-text connections, text-to world connections
  • Writing: Lots of independent and guided writing! 
  • Art activity
  • Fine & Gross motor activities 
  • Literacy Games (of course!)


Time: Each session runs for 2 hours

Cost: $50 (snack included)

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