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Practice Makes Perfect?

Inspirational Quotes for Education: Does Practice Make Perfect or Does Practice Make Progress?

Growing up and now as a teacher, one of the most famous education quotes is- “Practice makes perfect!”. It’s used as school slogans, mottos about education, short thoughts on education and so on. I have to be honest, the more I hear it, the more it makes me cringe.

For my students and my own kids, we want them to try their best, to try to achieve their goals (and ours sometimes), and we want them to continue to want to learn and get better.

For me, and the MANY hats that I wear, I truly try my best, but I know that no matter how hard I try I’ll never be perfect. I truly believe that we shouldn’t strive for perfection, because being perfect isn’t attainable and who wants to be perfect?! Being perfect sounds pretty boring.

As I continue to look for new inspirational quotes for education, I try to find ones that strive for imperfection instead. I love finding education quotes that encourage our differences, our ups and downs, and celebrate our imperfections! This goes for all the many hats that you wear, because we all wear SO many.

Practice Makes Progress!

Instead of saying “Practice Makes Perfect”, I think we should start saying “Practice makes Progress” as a new inspirational quote for education. Let’s celebrate your unique beauty and your imperfections. Whatever your role is (education, parent, sister, daughter, son, etc), is so very special and needed in this big beautiful world; because hey, we aren’t perfect, but who really wants to be anyways?!

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