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January Printable Sight Word Activity

I love finding ways to help my students and my kids develop a true love for learning. I live in Toronto, Canada, where Winter is very prominent for a looooong time (December-March optimistically 🙂 so we enjoy learning about all the season! The January printable sight word activities are one way (of many) to utilize the Kindergarten sight words for Winter in your classroom over and over again. Always make sure to start the unit off with winter sight words flash cards, so the kids become familiar with the sight words. Make sure to put these sight words (or site words) up on your word wall and also in your writing center so the kids will see them every day in the classroom. Then it’s time to turn to sight word games to imprint these words….and that’s how we make sure our little (Canadian) kids love winter deep in their souls!!

For this January printable sight word activity, I made a scavenger hunt for my Kindergarten students. First, we brainstormed different winter activities, animals, and sports. Next, I showed my students the January printable sight words and we compared our list to our Winter sight word flash cards for matching ideas! I then explained to my students that I would be hiding these words in the classroom and they had to work individually or in pairs to find these words. They were allowed to pick one subject at a time and go to work!

Magic Clipboards!

I LOVE giving my students something different to do their work with, and when I give them clipboards it’s like they’ve hit the jackpot! My students used their clipboards to go around the classroom to collect the January sight words they find. They had a blast! After finding all the sight words, either in pairs or individually, they brought their work back to the circle to share. I loved seeing how much fun they had and how confident they were with their finished work.

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