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Inspirational Quotes on Life

iWho doesn’t love passing around inspirational quotes on life? We all want to be inspired. Inspirational messages lift us up. Motivational words and great quotes about life can really frame our thinking and help us craft our hero narrative. Do you think that way? I am always looking to write my own story – and I want it to be epic. When things aren’t going well, when failure knocks me down and anxiety and doubt creep in, inspirational sayings can snap me out of my gloom and make me see my struggles in a whole new light, as part of a winding path towards learning and eventually success.

Inspirational quotes on life help inspire us. Inspirational messages life us up. Motivation words and great quotes inspire us, and show us how motivational words can change how we act and think. 

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The world out there can be a scary place. If you look, especially these days, you can find every terrifying story imaginable. It’s at the tip of your fingers. And once you start looking, those lovely algorithms will just start sending you more and more of these horror stories. Not fun.

Inspirational quotes on life help lift us up, giving us hope through inspirational sayings, motivational quotes and give us insight into famous quotes and great quotes about life. We need to lift each other up, support each other, and find the good in each other (and ourselves!)

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I’ve heard it takes 3 good stories to wash away a bad one. I just think we all need to find a way to keep all this negativity in perspective. Yes, bad things happen. But there is so much good in this world. Good things happen all the time. Let’s have some intention to find the good. All those positive quotes and encouraging quotes and happy quotes – seek them out. Make yourself NOTICE the good and ignore the bad. So often we do the opposite and it stresses us out.

Inspirational quotes on life are so helpful when we need a little pick me up! There are so many encouraging quotes, inspirational messages and inspirational quotes that help us get through the good and bad times. Remember, you are beautiful just the way you are. 

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Have you ever gotten a new car and all of a sudden it seems like there are a million of those cars on the road? There aren’t all of a sudden more of those cars, it’s just that now you are NOTICING them. It’s the same thing. It you notice the bad, the world looks like it is full of negative stories. One of the best inspirational quotes ever comes from the Beatles, Hey Jude – the movement you need is on your shoulders. Notice the good. You will start to see it everywhere.

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