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Coaching calls for Parents

From birth (even before!), parents are in charge of every little thing that their child does. As our children grow up, we have to let go of some of this control and leave them in the hands of their teachers. For many, this is scary, anxiety-provoking, and exciting!

Now let me tell you, I GET IT! Being a mom and a teacher, I’ve experienced both sides and sometimes it can be challenging. 
The question is, how can we support our teachers programs and optimize the impact on our child(ren). 

Clarity Catchup: 

I’m both a teaching Mom and a Mom at home. Having experienced both, I believe I can provide you with advice for helping your child(ren) inside and outside the classroom. 

I know how overwhelming it can be to send your child to school. You may have little information about classroom expectations and what you should be doing at home (depending on the grade). Often our kids also don’t exactly tell us what is happening in the classroom:

“How was your day today?”


“What did you learn today?” 


I can help answer these questions and guide you through what is “normal” and find strategies to help you feel in control and on top of your child’s learning. 

How Can I help my child’s learning?

Often parents tell me (and I have this with my kids too) that their kids just won’t work with them at home! No matter what they do, they don’t want to do any reading, writing, math, and the list goes on. Now there may be many reasons why this might happening, but for majority of the time, it’s because you’re their parents. As parents, we know we get “special treatment”. I can definitely relate as my kids are sometimes resistant as well. There are a plethora of strategies that you can use to engage your child’s learning without them knowing. These may include games, specific subjects on books, activities that are outside the norm, and much more! 

Personalized Schedules & Checklists: 

Do you find it difficult to manage your time AND your children’s schedules? Do you wish they could be independent? I have been creating personalized schedules for all ages (starting at age 3) that help with developing independence and time management form a young age. For example, I might create a schedule with tons of bright pictures for young kids to help with their morning and afternoon/bedtime routines. When kids feel in control, they often take pride in their ability to be independent and successful! For older kids, I love making schedules for their afternoon curricular activities and helping to set aside time for their homework. I also can make checklists that students use at school to help them remember what day each subject is on, what they need for that day (supplies, homework) and what is coming up! Life can be busy, very busy! Checklists & personalized schedules can alleviate the stress of not knowing what is coming next and/or nagging our kids (more than we need to). 

Individual Education Plan’s:

I have over 10 years of experience with writing and strategizing for IEP’s. I love helping to review and finding strategies to help students be successful at school! 


30 Minutes: $50

60 Minutes: $90

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