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About Kaley

Hi, I’m Kaley!

My Education

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Master’s of Education
  • Additional Qualifications in: Reading & Special Education


I am married to the love of my life since 2010. We live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We have three gorgeous children ages 6, 4, 2.

Teaching background

I’m Kaley and have been teaching since 2008. Well, 2008 is when I got my degree, but I have wanted to be teacher for most of my life. After graduating in 2008, I got my first job in September teacher Full-day Kindergarten at a Private school in Toronto.

Over the years I have taught Kindergarten, Grade 1 and I have been trained as a Literacy Remedial Specialist. During my time teaching at this school, I would teach half day Kindergarten or Grade 1 and then Half Day Reading Recovery program. This means I would go into classrooms from grades K-4 and work with students who were either struggling with something literacy related or I would work with a small group for enrichment. Through this, I learned invaluable lessons on developing a strong literacy program.

Leaping into Learning

I have ALWAYS wanted to start my own business. When I was 20, before going to Teacher’s College, I worked in a very small preschool. There were only 6 kids in the class and the teacher was so wonderful and unique. It was right then and there I knew I had the power to change, inspire, empower, and help others grow into their own unique and special selves.

While working as a teacher, I was exposed to many different diverse teaching experiences that further fueled my fire to create a program that not only helps students, but it also helps parents!

I now run a tutoring business in my house, as well as small group instruction that focuses on literacy support. I have set up my basement like a classroom, with tons of literacy manipulatives, games, white boards, word wall, chart paper, magnetic letters, and much more. My focus however, has always stayed the same: Create a safe, welcoming environment where everyone child is given the wish to learn. This will in turn develop a passion for Literacy and reading, a love for themselves, and the confident to know that they can achieve anything!

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